Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Starting all over

I have decided to go ahead and start my new baseball blog, Baseball Over Here, and have started posting new material on it.

I was going to wait until the new year, but I had enough stuff, so I decided there was no point in waiting. Hopefully, you'll come check it out. Let me know what you think. Any and all comments and suggestions are welcome. Whether you continue to come back or not is dependent on whether or not I'm doing anything that you find interesting. Lets hope so.

This site will continue, and I will be posting new items on it on a weekly basis, but probably not everyday. I'll continue to put updates about Neeve and how things are going with her. I'm also going to continue to write somethings about what its like to live here, how I'm adapting, and whatever else I find. So, if you've been coming, please keep coming back. There is more to come.


Sara K said...

So the updates about N will stay on this blog, and the other blog will be sports-only?

Ron Rollins said...

You got it. In fact, I'll have a new here by tomorrow, sometime. And one the day after Christmas, for sure.

There will be a few other things on here also, but this will keep going. Even if the other one stops and I never write about baseball again, this will keep going.