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The 10 worst organizations in the history of the world

The idea for this post came from a conversation at work one day. Not the hotel I'm working at now, but back in the day at the embassy. We were sitting around enjoying some of the local beverages (this was actually after work, I should point out) and we got to talking about this. I don't think we actually came up with a Top 10 list, just groups we thought were a waste of time. I decided to expand it because 10 is better than 7. This conversation took place several years ago, but I've just gotten around to writing it up. I don't think I forgot any particular organization. Most of them I have personal experience with, so it was kind of easy to remember. Anyhow, here's the list:

10. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Assholes with attitudes. This people just don't get it. We're carnivores. We eat meat. It's the natural way of life. We also use animals for many things like shelter, clothing, transportation, and many other uses. I'm not into being cruel to animals, and killing elephants for ivory (for example) is despicable, but killing an animal to eat is perfectly acceptable. It's the way of life. And we have the right to do so, and they don't have the right to attack people for doing it. If they really want to be do-gooders, there are millions of children dying around the world from starvation and disease. How about helping them out first. Then we'll talk about the animals.

Also, you have to wonder, if one of these idiots were out walking in the woods and was attacked by a wild animal, are they going to advocate someone shoot the animal to save them, or just stand true to their belief and take one for the team? Want to take a walk?

9. The Office of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball

Bud. Seriously, does anyone need more of an explanation than this?

8. The American Civil Liberties Union

Yeah, I know, they fight for every one's rights. That's the problem. They fight for every one's right. They don't have a stance on anything. They'll argue everything. I'm waiting until the day when they get hired to fight different sides of the same issue. And it will happen someday. You just get the feeling its not really about the particular battle they are fighting, just that they are involved somehow and get their name in the news. Wonder if that has anything to do with fundraising? Just curious. Little note guys. Want to make me a believer. Take a stand on something. Choose a side. Believe in something. Not just your own power. I just can't take these guys seriously.

7. Any religious organization except the Catholic Church

Faith is an internal issue that an individual decides for them self. It is not an issue where one person tells a group of people how they should act based on his own beliefs, and not theirs. Particularly when it is based off books of fables. Most of these groups are hypocrites who demand money for the pleasure of belonging to the organization, and promising something that is based on a fairytale. Can't you get the same euphoria for free by walking out into a meadow and watching the sunset?

6. The United States House of Representatives

My first issue is what they cost us, the second issue is that they don't do anything. Its political wrangling for the good of the party, and not for the good of the people. We don't need both houses, as they do the exact same thing and we don't get enough work out of one of them. Some states only have one representative as it is, and I'm pretty sure they don't do anything that a Senator can't do. If you need to, double the number of Senators. All the house does is create two votes on each issue. The citizens don't get to vote twice for the issues that concern them; seems to me the states can get by under the same system.

5. The United States State Department

I can't say too much about this right now, because I still have friends who work there. I've sat in the meetings and read the memos. They involve themselves in every aspect of other countries operations, even when it has nothing to do with the U.S. interests, or is a completely internal issue. They are not there as an equal partner, but as a dominant one. This is non-specific to president. They also feel that they are the governing body of the Department of Defense, and are completely willing to sit back and let the military do the fighting and dying while taking the moral high ground as the loyal opposition, then immediately demand that they be put in charge as soon as the last bullet has been fired. The motto of the State Department is 'there will be peace in our time'.

4. The United Nations

They go to poor countries wearing $500 suits, ride in limos, and stay at 5-star hotels, all while claiming they are there to help the poor, down-trodden people who can't afford food, medicine, or clothing. Meanwhile, the United States pays 25% of the UN budget, and 50% of the peacekeeping budget, but has to have it's vote approved by other countries that pay a fraction of that cost and are fundamentally opposed to their politics. Additionally, they pretend to be a vital force by sending in "peace keepers" composed of units from countries for hire that don't want to go in unless they have the Americans, Brits, or Australians there to protect them, but then want to have command. Don't forget to send the check. These are troops who aren't allowed to actually conduct combat operations to rid the world of bad guys, and and get their asses handed to them by every second-rate insurgent group willing to actually shoot people.

Meanwhile, they spend hundreds of millions to airlift food into the same areas because they are 'unstable'. No shit.

Can't feed the starving, and can't stop wars. Why does this organization exist?

3. The European Union

A continent that spent well over 2,000 years fighting each other for survival now thinks it can band together to outshine 'America'. Not going to happen, boys. For one thing, the USA is a country, where you are a 'collection' of countries. Not the same thing, not at all. Also, you guys really still don't like each other. You're coexisting, but that's all. Peace might exist, but brotherhood doesn't. You still have different countries that have internal problems with regions that want their own statehood, and you want to pretend you're a united Europe? Nope, not buying it. There's still a lot of conflict going on, and meanwhile, the EU is ripping the nationalistic heart out of the individual countries by passing legislation to make them all alike. Individualism, even in countries, is good. Collectivism isn't. Anyone remember the Soviet Union?

2. The Catholic Church

I don't have anything against Catholics, this is the Church, or more importantly, the leadership of the church that I have an issue with. As everyone should. As the richest organization in the world, they leave poor boxes in churches for the parishioners to put their own money in. Yet Cardinals make $12,000 a month, have a free place to live, and most often have personal aides and drives. I'll take that vow of poverty any day. Throw in the abuse scandal, the denials, the billions they have paid people off with, and I have a hard time thinking this organization is can be taken seriously. Add in the the treasure trove of artifacts they have, the real estate, and their tax free status they enjoy, and I don't understand why any Catholic person is still poor.

1. The committee that approved the use of the designated hitter in the American League.

If it were legal to hunt people down and mount them on the wall, well, I'm not saying I would do it myself, but I probably wouldn't stop someone else from doing it. Actually, no proably about it. I would lend them a hammer and the nails.

The end of modern civilization as we know it, and quite possibly, the last sign of the apocalypse.

This is just my personal list, and I'm sure many people, to include many friends and family of mine, will disagree with the choices. Particularly the one ones about religion and the ACLU. Oh well, write your own list. However, feel free to live your list in the comments.

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