Monday, November 10, 2008

Life in the U.K. - 1

Chad Johnson and all the other hotdogs playing professional sports should be so glad they are American and not English, because this proves their antics would never be accepted here in the U.K.

He has received a fine and a warning. In the states, his gesture would have been on Sports Center at least 100,000 times by now. Can you imagine the hissy fit Joe Buck would have with this one.

And for some reason, the club will donate to charity. Can you imagine Jerry Jones making a donation to any charity for the actions of Terrell Owens? I doubt it.

It wasn't really a good thing to do, but the guy was trying to show support for his friend. Since when has that ever been wrong?

And as Jeremy Schockey has proven many times, freedom of speech means freedom to be an idiot.

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