Monday, November 17, 2008

My super special 104th post of all time

Hey, I made it to 100 posts. Actually a couple of more. I wasn't really paying attention. The way things were going, there were longs stretches of time when I didn't write anything at all, and other periods when I was getting 2 or 3 a day. But I saw today that I had 103 posts, which works out to about 1 every other day since I started this.

I think that's good for me. I like doing this, and was worried that when I couldn't write, I would just stop all together, but I did keep coming back to it.

I would like to thank all of those of you who have read any of this, and particularly those who made comments. Every one of them was read and appreciated, even if there was no answer.

Through this site, I have managed to make some new friends that, while not communicating with them every day, have managed to become a relationship of sorts. That's as good as any thing I've achieved so far by doing this.

I will continue on with this, although when I start working again, I might slow down again. I will continue to write about Neeve and how things are going. I think that's why most people come here to read my posts. That's mainly for me, as it provides a record of how I see things, and well as being good therapy for me to sit down and put it into words.

I also continue to write about other things, such as what its like being an American in the UK, my life and the things I've done (again for the record for Neeve) and what ever I can find on baseball over here. I don't expect people to come here every day to read anything and I don't think a lot would. This isn't really a baseball site, and what I write about isn't everyone's cup of tea. But its what I like to do and will continue to do, as long as I feel the desire to do it.

Almost half the posts have been commented on, so some one is stopping by. Many thanks to all of you.

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mahnu.uterna said...

Congrats on the yard. I, too, blog mostly for my kids to read at some unidentifed later date, but I'm always happy if someone else gets a kick out of it, too.

Keep them posts a'comin' buddy!