Friday, May 22, 2009

A new thing

A bonus for people today. Two new posts. Well, actually three if you count this, but I don't.

In the first one below, I passed on some information about a blog a friend of mine in the Sudan is writing. Check it out. You'll enjoy it.

Below that, is the first installment of my 25 Random Things. I threatened, and now I've done it.

Each week, on Friday, you'll be treated to my ramblings about my 25 Random Things.

For those of you who don't know what it is, it's something that started on Facebook. People will write 25 random things about themselves, then post it on their Facebook profile for everyone to read. Pretty simple, really.

I did it there, and posted it here one day.

I need to be on here more, writing and posting, so I'm going to use this as a way. I'll still write about Neeve, of course, but things are going well, mostly, and there isn't much too write about now except for the weekend visits.

Those will still be up on Mondays, and the 25 Random Things on Friday. So you'll have those to look forward to. In between, I'll do my best to find something worthwhile to post here.

Monday is a holiday here, like in the states, so maybe nothing then. But I have a visit with Neeve on Sunday, so Tuesday for sure.


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