Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The cost of living

Its expensive over here. Worse than New York, DC, or LA. To be fair, I've only lived in LA and DC, and not New York. But people are always telling me how expensive it is there. I think I've figured out the correlation, however.

The pound (I've got to find the symbol for that and get it on my keyboard somewhere) is going for $1.97. Basically, 2 - 1. So I figured out how to do the conversion in my head so that its a little easier to deal with. I'm trying to keep track of how much money I'm spending, and what things are costing, and the like. Here are some examples:

a beer here: £2.80
a beer at home: $2.25

rent for a 2-bedroom place: £600
rent for a 2-bedroom place: $350

KFC: £4.19 for the 3-piece, but no biscuit
KFC: $4.50 with a biscuit and an extra side

utilities: £200 a month utilities: $225 a month

Pepsi: 95p for the small one
Pepsi: $1.35 for the big one

minimum wage: £5.62
minimum wage: $6.50?

So, all in all, its more expensive over here, but if I just look at it as a 1-1 exchange, its pretty simple. Its seems the best way to do it. If I spend 10 pounds ($19.70) on dinner and a couple of beers, its like spending $19.70 on dinner a couple of beers.

The most important thing, however, that I've been able to figure is this. Its expensive as hell over here.

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