Monday, June 30, 2008

A little literary help

As previously mentioned, where I work, everyone drinks tea. A lot of tea. So we have a machine in the break area that heats the water. Something like the coffee machine in McDonald's, but without the million dollar lawsuits. Pull the lever, you get instant boiling water.

The other day, the machine broke, and we had no hot water for tea. Mostly because no one could find the kettle that was supposed to be in the cupboard. So, no hot water.

I work for a company that installs solar panels that are used to interface with the hot water heating system in homes, in order to provide hot water at low cost and be environmentally correct. We sit above a warehouse filled with panels and boilers.

Is this an example of irony, or am I lost in translation?


mahnu.uterna said...

Yes, Ron, this is a *perfect* example of what we English majors call irony.

mahnu.uterna said...

Hey there...hope you're ok. If you want to email me to vent (or to tell me to bug off):

s kniffen at usd dot edu

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