Sunday, June 1, 2008

Doing the Daddy duty

I saw my daughter last weekend, and it was a good visit. She's getting more used to me all of the time. Good things will happen. But at the end of the visit, I was hit with my first taste of "Daddy Duty".

Some charity did a book project at her school. Basically, they had a form poem, and talked to each child, and had them fill in the blanks. My best friend is --------. My favorite food is -------.
That sort of thing. Then it was published in book format, as "My Child's First Poem", with their name listed below the poem. To prove it is theirs, obviously.

When my daughter and her mother were getting into the car, my ex called my daughter to the trunk and had her give me the books. Its a pretty neat idea. I found my daughters, and read it to her. I really enjoyed it, and I think she did also. She's not into a lot of affection just yet, but she leaned against me while I was reading, which was great. I think sometimes she forgets.

She had two books left. I guess there was a quota for each child. So I offered to buy both of them. As I found out after I offered, at $25 each. Did I tell you its expensive over here. So I got my real first taste of what the future will hold. Lessons, dresses, parties, all the good stuff that will end up costing me a fortune.

And I don't care. It will be worth every penny I spend. She can have it all. Daddy Duty is going to be great.

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