Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Working for a livin'

Or not, as the case would be. I know this is a lot of me pissin' and moanin', just like the previous post. But I'm actually getting a little irritated. I've been here 4 weeks now, and I still don't have a job. I understand the UK is going through a recession, just like the US either is, or isn't, depending on who you believe.

I understand that no one owes me anything, particularly a job. But I haven't even had an interview yet. That's a little ridiculous. Seems there is no law here in the UK, like the US, that says they have to tell someone why they weren't accepted. A simple, "You were unsuccessful", is all that is required. So I've put in over 200 applications at different jobs, in different areas. I've worked HR and admin, logistics, purchasing, finance, bookkeeping, maintenance, telecommunications, and senior management. I am willing to work in a warehouse, clean things, do grounds work, work in a concession stand, sell pizza, pretty much anything. The only two things I won't do are telemarketing and sales. I was forced to be a recruiter in the Army, and I would rather go back to Iraq than ever do that again.

I've only actually had one company tell me that my American experience didn't match up with what they were looking for. I don't believe it, but I give them credit for trying. My last job in the states was managing a bowling alley. It seem I'm not even qualified to work the counter in one here. I don't get it. I understand the difficulties of being in a foreign country, and that no one will just give me a job, because I want it and need it. But I haven't had a single interview yet. I find that hard to believe. That no on is even willing to sit down and talk to me about what I might do to them.

I don't want to think its an anti-American thing, because I don't really believe it is. But much like the housing situation, I think it confuses them. They wouldn't get a Pakistani or a Nigerian applying for the jobs I'm looking at. But I am, and they don't know how to deal with. A foreigner, but one who has applicable experience and speaks and reads and writes the language fluently.
Okay, I'm from Missouri, so adequately. They don't know who to deal with it, so they just tell me no.

I have to go to a laundromat to dry my clothes. They provide a service also. For over 3 weeks, since I've been here, there's been a sign on the door advertising for weekend help. Less than 20 hours a week. So I called today, and was asked what kind of experience I had working in a laundromat. I asked what kind of experience I needed. The replay was, "working in a laundry mat". My question again was, "what kind of experience do I need. I can use a washing machine. I can use a dryer. I can fold, I can fluff. I can iron. I can even put it all back in the bag. What kind of experience do you need."

The guy then proceeds to get a rude, snotty attitude, and tell me I don't have the experience necessary. I mention to him that the sign has been up for almost a month and they don't' have any experienced people. That's why they're still looking. They need someone. I'm willing to work. I can do the job. I fail to understand the problem, as stated. He then proceeds to tell me that they have "interviewed" several qualified candidates for the post, but if I wanted to call back in two weeks and talk them again, assuming the position was still open, I could. If anyone is confused by this, good. Because I am.

This is what I'm dealing with. I did have one interview, I thought. An agency called me and had me come down and fill out all the paperwork, and told me there was a job I was a fit for, and they would set up an interview for me. A temp job for 5 weeks, but a start. So I waited all day Monday and got no call. Fair enough. I waited all day today, and got no call. Now I'm pissed. If they don't want me, its fine. But don't leave me sitting all day waiting, then not call. Very unprofessional, in my opinion.

As I said, this might be all null and void by tomorrow. I do have an interview for one job. But its nights and weekends, and I don't really want it, because of the time issue when I start getting my daughter. But its a job, so I'll take it if offered, and worry about the details later. I did get a call late this afternoon that I'll have to call back on in the morning. Should be another interview. I might get one of them. All for 7 an hour. And if those don't work out, I'll start the day labor thing by next Monday. I can do that six days a week, and make 300 - 400 a week. Maybe.

Unless I can get paid to do this, but I find that highly unlikely. Time to start the manuscript, and see if it sells.

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