Thursday, May 15, 2008

Difference between the US and the UK #1

I might make this a regular post. Just because. But here's difference #1.

Crossing the street!!

In the US, they teach us to look both ways. First left, then right. Because that's the way we drive. But if you try that here in the UK, you're bug juice on a bus windshield. Trust me. It almost happened.

Here's how you cross the street in the UK if you an American.

1. What until there's no traffic
2. Go up to the street
3. Back up 3 feet
4. Look right, then left
5. Wait
6. Look again
7. Take a step forward, then go back
8. Look again
9. Attempt to cross the street
10. Pray there is no traffic because somehow you still fucked it up

No gratuities necessary, just don't call me from the hospital.

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