Friday, May 23, 2008

Why I think I'll make it here

Moving to a new place is always difficult. A new city, a new job, new friends, etc. Then think about the fact that its an entirely different country. Its not your usual situation. I don't think its quite as hard on me as most other people, but only because this is the 9th country I've lived in. Or 8th, actually.

Here's my list.

United States
United States
Germany (West, at the time. I left the day the wall came down and missed the biggest party in
the history of the world)

United States

Saudi Arabia/Iraq (Desert Storm. I didn't exactly live either place, but 6 months is long enough
qualify for the list. Because its mine.)

United States
United States
United States
United States

17 moves from country to country, in 8 or 9 different countries (depending on how you feel about Saudi Arabia). But the one thing about all of them is, there was always a support system. I was either moving with my parents, or in the Army. There was always someone to meet me at the airport. Always a place to stay lined up. And most importantly, a job.

But this time is different. No support. No place to live. No job. I'm a little bit more concerned this time around. Don't get me wrong. I'm not stressing about it. After last weekend with my daughter, I'm in for the long haul. This is the right place for me to be, and I'll make it. But there is a little anxiety.

I do have a place to live. A shared student house, with an English girl and her South African (Rhodesian) boyfriend, a Gambian, and a Spaniard. The room I have was recently occupied by a girl from the Congo. Truly international, in all aspects. Its not a bad place, but its temporary and I'll be moving into my own place as soon as I start work.

No job yet, but it will come. That's the stressful part right now. But I did get a call this afternoon and I have a temp job lined up for a couple of days next week. I can do that for awhile, until something permanent comes up. I still have some bills left from the US, so I want to get them paid as soon as possible, so a good-paying job is important. But if I can make it for the first year, I'll be fine.

But the reason I know I'll be fine isn't any of that. In just the first week I've been here, I've found two places to go to. One is a sandwich shop I've had lunch at a couple of times. Good home-made stew, year round (Why is it you can't get soup in the summertime in the US. I drink iced tea all year round), and adequate sandwiches. The couple who own the place couldn't have been nicer to me.

And the second is a local pub here. No surprise, to anyone who knows me. I've been three times and everyone has been great. Asked why I was there, been supportive, talked to me, I even had a beer bought for me. As I was walking back from the store today, I passed by and a couple of the guys were outside painting and doing some maintenance work. They recognized me and called me over to talk for a few minutes. Asked how the job search was going, how I was getting by, all the usual questions. Then as I was leaving, they both said, come on up tonight. Live music and we'll save you a stool.

Yeah, I think I'll make it here.

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