Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sitting at the airport

It looks like I'm having a good time,
But any fool can tell.
That this honky tonk heaven
Really makes you feel like hell!
- Merle Haggard

That's the rest of the verse from what I posted last. So last night i was having all kinds of second thoughts. Don't get on the plane, don't go, run screaming into the night. Actually it was a little chilly for that, but the idea is half the effort.

So I'm sitting at the airport waiting on my flight (duh!) and have a lot clearer view of things. Its not that I'm not still having second thoughts, but the tickets are bought and I'm ready to go. So I guess I'm leaving.

I think I've lined up a place to live. A room, sharing a house with 2 other guys, a shared bathroom and a shared kitchen and lounge (living room) for $600 a month. Wow, I need to find a job right away. A two bedroom flat (apartment) will run around $1200 a month. After paying $300 a month for my two bedroom in my home town, this is going to be a big chunk of change every month.

**Sidenote: I'll try to provide translations from English to American whenever possible. Its not as simple as it seems. I have a good friend from Scotland, and for the first 6 weeks I knew him I couldn't understand a thing he said. Then one day it all suddenly popped in, like learning a new language. I've actually stood between an American and a Brit at the bar in a pub and had to translate.

As Winston Churchill said, "we are two countries separated by a common language".

But anyhow, I decided not to run and try and stick it out. Its too late for me to screw up my life, I just hope I don't permanently ruin my daughters.

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