Thursday, May 15, 2008

A good play

I'm still not sure how this blog will play out. As I said in the beginning, I'm hoping to do a lot of sports stuff with this, but right now, the posts about my daughter are the most important. Mostly for me. But also to give people an idea of what I'm about. So here is the beginning.

The Premier League is in its playoffs. I still don't care all that much, but while eating dinner in a pub, the match came on and I watched it to the end. Leeds vs Carlisle. Nothing spectacular in my mind. A 2-0 Leeds win. But a couple of things stand out.

At 8 minutes, Howsan from Lees scored the first goal of the game. While I'm not a huge soccer fan, any good play (regardless of sport) deserves the proper attention. Howsan's goal wasn't the greatest of all time. It wasn't even particularly spectacular. But it was impressive. I can only liken it to football in the following scenario.

3rd and goal on the 8 yard line. Half back takes a hand off up the middle, breaks off two tackles, finds a hole, and hits the end zone for a score. Not a game breaker. Not a nail in the coffin. Just a good individual effort (albeit with help from his teammates, if that makes sense) and a score.

Its the kind of play that will go ignored because of events that happen later in the game. Wait on it. (As Radar used to say) Its like playing a 7-6 game, where the TD comes early and everyone talks about the defense and forgets the most important play.

Case in point. With less than 10 minutes to play, Carlisle holds off Leeds on 3 straight shots on goal, to include the third one, which was a header off the post. Still not my favorite sport, but it has it moments. Kind of like knocking down 3 straight passes in the end zone to keep the game close. Then, in extra time, Leeds scores again to make it 2-0. Like scoring on a 30 yard TD with no time left and no one playing defense. The first TD is completely forgotten.

Just my opinion. If there are any soccer fans, let me know how my analogies work out. If I'm way off, I'll find something else. If I'm close, let me know.

One day I'll figure out how to link videos of this stuff so you don't have to take my word for it. Or you can search for it. But still a great effort and a win. And that's what its all about.

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Jason said...


Welcome to the blogosphere. As a fellow reader of Shyster (thanks CC), I'm always available for q&a about anything about links, video, etc. The content? Well, yer on yer own there.

I've chosen to mix some family stories in with my posts, usually as it relates to sports.

Good luck finding your voice, platform and methods. I'm still working on mine. But I am enjoying the challenge.

Don't hesitate to email anytime.